Be prepared for potential wildfire danger this summer

Stay connected to your neighbors and lend a helping hand – Encourage your neighbors to get prepared for wildfire, help create a joint action plan, and lend a helping hand where needed.

 Remove all flammable items within 5 feet of your home’s edges – Create a non-flammable perimeter around your home by removing flammables like mulch, dead vegetation, lawn furniture, firewood stacks, etc.

 Harden your home against embers – Reduce ember entry and penetration by screening exterior vents with an 1/8-inch metal mesh and keeping gutters clear of leaves and debris.

 Remove flammables in your yard and maintain lawns and native grasses – Within 30 feet of your home, keep your lawn lean and green and remove flammables like firewood and other debris.

 Prune trees and manage vegetation in your yard – Trim branches that overhang your home. Remove plants containing resins, oils, and waxes, such as arborvitae and juniper trees. Maintain vegetation in well-spaced groupings.

 Inspect and/or replace your roof – If you have a wood roof, replace it with Class A fire-rated materials. Even if your roof is fire-resistant, regularly inspect it for loose or missing shingles and replace as needed.

 Make a plan – Put together an emergency supply kit and evacuation plan, and then practice it with your household.

 Support your local fire district – Install reflective address signs with 4-inch lettering to help first responders save lives during wildfire incidents and medical emergencies. And, if you can dedicate your time, sign up to volunteer with your local fire district!

Learn more on our Wildland Fire Safety page!