Cadet Program

Are you interested in becoming a firefighter? Do you know what firefighters do? Do you think it is just riding around on a big truck and putting out fires? What education, training, and experience is necessary to become a firefighter? How hard is the job? What is the work schedule? Will I like the job?  You probably have these and dozens of more questions about finding out what firefighters do. One way of learning about this career while you are a young adult is to become a Fire Cadet.

The VIFR Cadet program, which is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, gives teens on Vashon the opportunity to explore a potential career in Firefighting and EMS service.  As an extracurricular activity in addition to high school, it offers an excellent opportunity to experience community service and to develop skills in leadership, firefighting, and the basic emergency medical response field through training, teamwork, and camaraderie.  As a bonus, successfully completing the Cadet Program may assist the student in receiving college scholarships.

For more information about the VIFR Cadet Program, please contact our staff at 206-463-2405.