Notice of Requirements for Professional Services and Request for Qualifications Engineering Services


Pursuant to RCW 39.80.040, King County Fire Protection District No. 13 (the “District”) encourages all qualified engineering firms engaged in the lawful practice of their profession to submit a statement of their qualifications to the District by way of email, to Fire Chief Matt Vinci, at, with the following Email Subject: “2023 RFQ For Commissioning Agent Services.”  The District will evaluate the information on file and interview one or more firms regarding a possible contract for professional services. This is a request for the general provision of commissioning-agent services, which may require the services of an engineer, to review and test various energy-code-related systems and elements of construction for function as to the project located at 10020 SW Bank Road, with the project being titled Station 55 renovation project.   The District will contract with the most highly qualified firm, or firms, under the criteria established by the District, which include but are not limited to: level of experience and responsibility, reputation, references from past municipal or private clients of the firm, familiarity with development of public and private projects in King County, past dealings with King County Planning and Land Services and experience with county regulations related to site development, wetlands, and development engineering.  Minority and women-owned firms and veteran-owned firms are invited to submit their information. Any contract awarded pursuant to this RFQ shall not be construed as requiring the District to contract with the selected firm after the expiration of the project enumerated herein.

Please submit your statement of qualifications no later than 9:00 AM, November 15, 2023. For more information, contact Fire Chief Matt Vinci at