Senior Management Team


Matthew Vinci has spent 28 years in the fire service and is excited to bring a strong, diverse depth of experience to Vashon Island Fire and Rescue. Matthew previously served in two senior leadership roles within the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) headquarters in Washington, DC for over eight years, as both the Chief of Staff and the Director of Education, Training and Human Relations. Prior to his tenure at the IAFF, he served on the Executive Board of the Professional Fire Fighters of Vermont for 15 years, with seven years as the president.

During that time, he also served a 20-year career in operations as a captain/EMT with the City of South Burlington, Vermont, Fire Department.  While in Vermont, Matthew was appointed by two Governors to serve on the Governor’s Homeland Security Advisory Council for eight years, holding the position of Vice Chair. He also held the position of Chair for Congressman Peter Welch’s Labor Advisory Board, an additional experience that speaks to his passion of supporting and building collaborative labor-management relationships. For the past seven years, Matthew has served on the Commission on Professional Credentialing (CPC) under the Center for Public Safety Excellence. He was elected by his peers as the Vice Chair of the Commission, a position he has held for three years. 

Matthew brings a strong background in fire service education, training, and human relations through his years of work with fire departments of all sizes across the United States and Canada. He has been proudly advocating for the health and wellness of firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics for over 25 years at the local, state, and national levels. Matthew is a credentialed Chief Training Officer through the CPC, holds an Associate’s degree in Fire Science from New Hampshire Technical College, and is currently finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science through Purdue University Global.

CARI COLL Battalion Chief of Training and Safety

Cari Coll started her career at Vashon Island Fire & Rescue in 2001 as a Career Firefighter/EMT and was appointed Battalion Chief of Training & Safety in 2006. She started in the fire service in 1995 as a volunteer and brought previous career firefighter experience from several fire districts in the region to her position on Vashon Island.

Cari has completed both an Associate’s degree in Fire Science and an Associate’s degree in Business Administration. As well, she has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Service Administration at Eastern Oregon University. She has completed the Training Program Management Course and the Command and Control Decision Making at Multiple Alarm Incidents Course at the National Fire Academy in Maryland, along with numerous other National Fire Academy courses.

Cari was previously the President of the King County Training Officers Association where she worked on the Officer Development Academy committee as the chairperson. Her experience also includes involvement at the state level as a member of the IFSAC Certification Technical Advisory Group and as a Test Control Officer for certification tests.